About Me

Developer since 2001. Always in search of something new and eager to study and become a better professional. Fullstack Developer. Enjoy sharing information and experience. Think that is a way of learning something new.

More Then 15 Years of Working Experience

My first comupter was IBM XT 286. I was seven when we got one. After that moment I wanted to know everything about computers. My father did some coding back then and I was sitting next to him watching all those strange combination of words and symbols and I knew that I wanted to learn it. From that moment I am learning...

Developed More Then 200 Projects

Worked in several web development companies. Created several custom made content management systems and worked with open source ones. Grown from working on simple projects by myself to being a team leader in the biggest web development company in Georgia.


Ilia State University 2009 - 2012

Master’s degree studies in Calculus Mathematics and Informatics

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Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University 2003 - 2008

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences

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MyDoc is a SaaS platform, It's a tool for building telemedical platform on top of the existing flow, that would enable them to simplify and accelerate all types of communication, to reduce costs of provided services and much more.

Features: Symptom Checker Health History Management AI Based Diagnosis Medical Document Sharing Text Chat Video/Audio Chat

Built using: Go Node.js VueJS Vuex Nuxt Postgres Docker Micro-services Git

Content Management System

Custom Content Management System (CMS) for governmental, nongovernmental and media agencies. System is very flexible. Development started in 2013, using CodeIgniter, but after Laravel gained it's popularity CMS moved to Laravel.

Features: Category Management Text Pages Polls Diagram Builder Form Builder Google Maps Google Calendar Custom Maps User Management Permissions Roles

Built using: CodeIgniter Laravel jQuery Twitter Bootstrap Composer Vagrant (Homestead) Git

Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) for one of the biggest university in Georgia. This system enables students, administration and academic personnel to coordinate the learning process.

Features: Faculties’ Management Programs’ Management Courses’ Management Semester Management Students’ Management Lecturers’ Management Registration on Courses University Calendar Management Evaluation System Course Materials Management Variety of Reports

Built using: CodeIgniter jQuery Twitter Bootstrap Composer Git

Billing & Financial Analysis

System for Billing and financial analysis for universities. System is build on Laravel 5.1 + vuejs. It's a single page application with RESTful API. The project was build using Domain Driven Design (DDD) and SOLID principles.

Features: Sponsors’ management Accounts’ management Holiday management Payment plans’ management Student contracts’ management Obligations’ management Variety of reports

Built using: Laravel Doctrine Vuejs Twitter Bootstrap Composer Git Docker Vagrant (Homestead) Domain Driven Design (DDD) NodeJS Redis SOLID Test Driven Development (TDD)